Ready to share a smile with
someone special this Valentine’s Day?

Give honeybees ($20), a fruit-tree seedling ($10) or a piglet ($30) in honor of your valentine and help someone around the world overcome hunger and poverty. Each gift provides a sustainable source of food, income or both to help a family in need. This Valentine’s Day, you can...
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We Are A Learning Church!

Thank you to Staci Bohling and to all those who led the Sunday morning Sunday School zoom classes!  Thank you, parents and kids for attending classes.  We look forward to meeting in person in fall!  If you are interested in teaching this fall please talk to Staci Bohling, we’d...
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Annual Meeting Update

Council Members:  We elected Dan Johnson, Jennifer Binversie, and Tim Kiernan.  They serve with George Liberatore, Pam Stahl, Scott Dechant, Tracey Jackson, Scott Kinter, LeeAnn Runnells (Joel & Wendy Heidtke serve as Co-Financial Secretaries, and Jenny Brandt will...
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