A Testimony from our Motorhead Ministries!

The Kutzoras donated their faithful, old Camry to give to someone….the 3rd vehicle they’ve donated! Here’s a thank you from the folks who needed it and received it:

To the people of St. John’,  
Ordinarily when a deer jumps in front of your car it’s a minor thing as long as you end up coming out of it uninjured. Very often if the car is totaled it’s an inconvenience. However, for our family the ramifications could be catastrophic.  We live paycheck to paycheck. When I hit the deer that morning and realized I was okay, the very next thing I thought was, “Am I going to lose my job? Are we going to be able to pay the rent?  Are we going to be out in the streets? What am I going to do?” It’s just the three of us here, me, my wife, and my son. I was worried that I might lose my job. This was our only car. I’m not exaggerating when I say Pastor Paul and Motorhead Ministries saved us from certain doom.

Our resources are very limited. As fate would have it, this accident occurred on a Friday. Pastor Paul took time out of his schedule to come over and assess the damage on our vehicle. He acknowledged that the vehicle was totaled, but he would have it removed to the scrap yard free of charge. And then unbelievably he said that we would have a new car by the end of the weekend. And sure enough, before I went to work on Monday morning I had a new car in my garage! I could never have been more grateful. Pastor Paul and Motorhead Ministries have always helped us with maintenance on our vehicles, but this was an absolutely unexpected blessing. On behalf of my family, we would like to wholeheartedly thank Pastor Paul and all associated with Motorhead Ministries. What could have been an unmitigated disaster turned out to be a divine gift. – Michael, Christene, Zachary

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