Annual Meeting Update

Council Members:  We elected Tracey Jackson, Scott Kinter (Vice President), and Leanne Runnells.  They serve with George Liberatore (President), Pam Stahl (Secretary), Scott Dechant, Angela Bins, Tim Kiernan, and Bill Berholtz, (Joel & Wendy Heidtke serve as Co-Financial Secretaries, and Jenny Brandt will continue to serve as Treasurer.)

Audit Committee:  Elected Pat Micksch, who joins Pete Kutzora and Pam Stahl.

Endowment Committee:  Elected Tracey Corlett to serve with current members Robin Kutzora, Steve Korneli, Sharon Boldt, and Mike Kraus.

Many thanks to all outgoing members of Council and other committees!  We appreciate your dedication and willingness to serve!

We are looking for additional members to join our Education Team.  The Education committee is responsible for supervising the Sunday morning Sunday school program along with the Christian Education Coordinator, planning the adult education program along with Pastor, and other educational programs for the congregation.  Please talk to Pastor or Staci Bohling if you are interested.  They meet once per month.

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