End of Year Giving

Like most congregations we come to the last month of the year trusting that you folks (and the Lord) will provide for budgets and goals to be met.

One thing we’re dealing with at the moment is $6,000 in repairs on our main heating/ventilating units (which are already 15 years old). We’re fortunate that insurance paid in total for our roof replacement
from last year’s hail damage! We’re thankful that giving is up over last year, just not quite as much as expenses are up.

So thank you for your end-of-the-year or special gifts! Remember, if you are 70+ and have to take a required distribution from your IRA, you can make that a direct contribution, pay no tax, and you may be able to claim a deduction at the same time. We have a brokerage account to receive such gifts.
Thank you in advance!

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