• Adult Choir

    Experienced and developing voices ages 14 and up are welcome to join the choir. We usually meet from early September until sometime in May. Watch the calendar or ask for a choir schedule. We sing a variety of old favorites and new contemporary music.
    • Director Jean Gardipee
    • Meets Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in the church sanctuary (call church office for details)

    Bell Choir

    We have a three-octave bell choir that includes some very experienced ringers and some beginners. If you can count to four, you can learn to play bells. However, some musical experience will help reduce your learning curve!
    • Director Marcia Earl
    • The Bell Choir meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays and the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary.
    • The Beginner's Bell Choir meets at 6:15 pm on Wednesdays.

    Special Music (instrumental and voice)

    Trumpeters, flutists, accordion players, violinists, vocalists and other talented musicians are welcome to share their music throughout the year.

  • Cemetery Team

    The Cemetery Team is currently working on proposals for expanding and improving the space.

    Good Samaritan Team

    This Good Samaritan Team responds to requests for assistance from folks within and beyond the congregation. Often, people need a food card, gas card, or phone card. Sometimes they need a ride to a doctor’s appointment. If you can help with your contribution of time or money, that will help us care for some of the least of our brothers and sisters.

    Prayer Team

    The Prayer Team handles prayer requests and reminds the congregation of opportunities for growing in prayer. Part of the group meets the first Thursday of the month at 9:00am in the Upper Room. Other prayer partners share regular email updates and lift up people in prayer at home.

    Property Team

    The Property Team helps care for the building and grounds, and organizes Spring Clean Up and Fall Clean Up day. Those of you who want a “hands on” project will find plenty to do! Those of you with an eye for decorating or keeping things spiffed-up, will be very much appreciated too!

    Security Team

    The Security Team is a new team that is meeting to help keep everyone safe and to recommend and practice procedures for emergency responses, such as fire drills and tornado warnings.

    Tech/Marketing Team

    The Tech/Marketing Team is St. John's Geek Squad and helps make sure that everything tech is running smoothly. They maintain the website and are helping get St. John’s ‘brand’ and message out into the community.

    Worship Team

    The Worship Team works with Pastor to plan our worship experiences and oversee the music ministries of the congregation.

    Youth Ministry Team

    A new Youth Ministry Team of high school youth and adults is forming to make good and fruitful year-round youth ministry happen.

  • Naomi Circle

    Meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 1:00pm.

    Ruth Circle

    Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.


    Meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 9:00am. No experience is necessary! Crocheters can make prayer shawls. Quilts and Prayer shawls can be made at home at your convenience. We'll give you directions!

  • Acolytes

    5th and 6th grade students serve the congregation during worship as acolytes. Responsibilities included lighting the altar candles, receiving the offering from the ushers, extinguishing the altar candles after the closing hymn, and assisting the Pastor as needed.

    Altar Guild

    The Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for worship.

    Communion Assistants

    Communion Assistants prepare the wine trays, bake bread, distribute wine during Communion, hold trays for empty communion cups, and refill bread and wine for the people distributing communion. Communion Assistants must be confirmed to distribute wine. All (especially children) are welcome to hold the trays to receive empty communion glasses.


    Greeters welcome worshipers at the door and offer a friendly smile and a handshake.

    Tech Crew

    Members of the crew are responsible for running the projection equipment, monitoring the sound system, and playing recorded music. Sometimes they even get to "play" the organ! Contact Rick Corlett.


    Ushers assist worshipers; ensure the smooth flow of traffic before and during services; offer friendly, helpful welcomes; and collect offerings. Call the office and let us know when you can't serve or find someone to fill in for you.