Getting to Know You!

Each month we’ll feature a St. John’s member so we can get to know each other better. 

Getting to know you: Staci Bohling

All work and more play is the name of the game for Staci Bohling and family.

Staci has been a labor and delivery nurse for 22 years, and is the perinatal coordinator at the Froedtert West Bend
Birth Center. Husband Jereme has been in sales his entire career and currently works for SICK, Inc.  Kassidy is a junior at
Concordia University in the Radiologic Technology program, where she has her placement at Froedtert Hospital. Kolby is a junior at Germantown High School, and Klayton is in 5th grade at Rockfield Elementary.

When Staci isn’t helping new moms and their families, she loves spending time with her own. Over the years, they’ve been involved in many activities from Kassidy’s competitive dance and Wall of Sound marching band to Kolby’s baseball, basketball, archery, and golf to Klayton’s baseball, golf, and archery. Staci has also volunteered with the PTA at all of their schools, as well as was very active with the GHS Band Boosters during Kassidy’s time in Wall. Currently one fun thing Staci and Kassidy like doing is attending Broadway musicals locally. As a family, they enjoy going to Brewers games, disc golfing, having campfires in their yard, and vacationing in Florida. 

The family that plays and prays together, stays together. Staci attended STJ’s as a child when her grandfather Paul Nicholaus would bring her to services and Sunday School, but otherwise she attended several different Mequon-area Lutheran churches with her parents and grandparents. Staci and Jereme were married in 1999 at Bayshore Lutheran in Whitefish Bay, where Kassidy was later baptized. When the Bohling family built their house in Jackson in 2010, it felt natural to come back to STJ’s and become members. Kolby and Klayton were both baptized here. Coming full circle and keeping in the spirit of nurturing children, Staci is and has been the Sunday School coordinator at STJ’s for countless years, overseeing the meaningful and lively instruction of the church’s youth to instill the love of Jesus for future generations.

“Fun” Facts:

  • Staci is the oldest, middle, and baby (= only child).
  • She humbly gives credit where it’s due: The boys’ athleticism comes from Jereme.
  • Baptized Missouri Synod, confirmed Wisconsin Synod, and married at an ELCA church give Staci an unbiased view of Lutheranisms (the common denominator being casseroles). 
  • Staci attended the Missouri Synod school associated with her childhood church and was the only girl in her class through 3rd grade (oh, boy!). 
  • Her bucket list is long, but one must-do is to ride in a hot air balloon. If you’ve ever gone up, up, and away, Staci would like your perspective (so to speak).
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