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Each month we’ll feature a St. John’s member so we can get to know each other better. 

Getting to know you: Nick and Brittany Moellert

Nick and Brittany Moeller’s lives are full of movement:  Up-down, lightning speeds, and running after.
Nick is an elevator mechanic with Schindler Elevator Corporation, and Brittany works part time in marketing for
Midwest Fiber Networks, a fiber internet services company seeking to expand its business to residential
neighborhoods (starting with a pilot program in Jackson!). Prior, Brittany worked full time in marketing at Briggs & Stratton but chose to pursue a better work-life balance so she could spend more time with their children, Ava and Max. Ava turned 2 in May, and Max’s first trip around the sun will be the end of July (on behalf of your church family, happy birthday Max!). Dogs Pebbles and Bear, the first babies of the Moeller family, have acclimated well to being pet siblings.

Nick and Brittany are both from Oak Creek and attended Oak Creek High School, but hadn’t met until 10 years after graduation* through mutual friends. They dated for three years and were married at the beautiful Schlitz Audubon Center, honeymooning on Kauai and Oahu – their favorite trip so far and one they’d love to repeat. 

Nick played football in high school, and is a huge Packers fan and fantasy football competitor. Brittany has been an outdoorsy person from young on, so Brittany and Nick relax outside with the kids and dogs as much as possible when the weather is nice, cheer on the Packers during fall and winter, and listen to country music wherever they are.

Before they moved to Jackson in 2017, Brittany lived in the greater Milwaukee area and attended Trinity Lutheran Church in South Milwaukee – a church with a welcoming atmosphere and opportunities to volunteer in the community, much of what she finds at St. John’s to the point it feels like home. Both Ava and Max were baptized at St. John’s. The Moeller’s hope they’ll be attending more in person … once Max starts regularly sleeping through the night.

“Fun” Facts

  • Brittany (Dorfner) is 100% German; both her mom and dad (and extended family) immigrated here from Germany when they were young. She has pictures in a newspaper article of her dad and his family arriving at Ellis Island.
  • *Nick messaged Brittany on Plenty of Fish, an online dating site, several months before they met, but she had never responded. So there was interest prior to them meeting (albeit one sided), but still Brittany never knew Nick messaged her until months after they started dating when he finally spilled.
  • Brittany and Nick are big believers in “Adopt, don’t shop.” Pebbles was a birthday gift from Nick to Brittany, and Bear joined the family once they were settled in Jackson – both fur babies adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society.

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