Greetings from Ulong’a Parish

ulongaDear Pastor Paul and the members at St. John’s church…peace and Love from Jesus Christ our Lord be with you!!!

We have this pleasure to say thank you so much for the funds we received from your church as the support for our church here!!!

How are the funds used? For the education expenses for the students who are in secondary schools and in college as well! Funds were used to buy a computer for our parish here, with full accessories, which will help us in office activities!

Also to buy the certificates of marriages book of 50 leaves which will be used as a small project to help in getting some money for the parish here and to help boost other needs for the parish, especially in the paying of salaries for the workers!

We are inwardly touched by your great annual support, which has become a great blessing to our people here! May God add you more and more as you give!!! May he cherish your Life Daily!

Asante sana (thank you very much) and mungu awabariki kwa wingi (May the Lord be praised!) Rev. Samuel Akyoo