Important Updates from our Property Team and Council

All of you noticed (and lamented) the removal of trees from the park area, and in front of the church. These ash trees were all victims of the emerald ash borer, and were dying. Thanks to our ‘lumberjacks’ and everyone involved in the clean-up process! New landscaping and tree-planting plans are developing. One of our Boy Scouts is designing his Eagle Scout Project around a tree-planting effort! There will be opportunities to purchase trees in honor/memory of loved ones, and hands-on chances to help with the planting! Stay tuned.

Property Team also requested, and Council agreed to go forward with some un-planned and un-budgeted repairs to our church building. There are 5 issues that have arisen over time: #1 We had some recent wind damage to the soffit on the south side. #2 We’ve had a vexing leak problem in the west wall above the choir area. #3 The large skylight has been a leaker-off and on-for years, and will be removed. #4 We’ve got a leak in the area of the lighted cross on the old church roof. #5 We have gutter and downspout repairs that are needed.

In the hopes of getting these things fixed and fixed right, before they do any more damage, we’ve contracted with Neu’s Builders to do the work, which may run as high as $19,600. Thanks again, to our Property folks for tracking down bids and overseeing these projects. And for those of you who can step up and offer some extra-mile giving to our “Building Fund”, thank you in advance for doing so! We’ll need generous contributions over the summer to make this all work.