Sunday, July 2, 2017

Posted on Jun 29 2017

Bible Background: Psalm 30 may have been written for a specific purpose, but it has been a psalm for many situations: for healing from a serious illness; or even for rededicating the Temple in about 164 B.C. A typical psalm of Thanksgiving a) invites people to thank God, b) names the trouble that was faced, c) tells of calling on God,
d) celebrates how God responded.

Digging Deeper: v.1 “You have lifted me up!” This is the testimony of one who has been laid low, and is experiencing new life with God’s help. When in life have you been knocked down, and then felt lifted up?

v. 2 “I cried to you for help, and you have healed me!” This is our cry, our prayer, when we are ill or down. This person is thankful for healing. We struggle when our prayers do not result in healing. Think of persons who have prayed and received healing; and persons who have prayed and not received the healing they hoped for. What other kinds of ‘healing’ sometimes appear?

v.4 Is an invitation for all ‘faithful ones’ to “sing praise to the Lord!” The faith community joins the individual in singing God’s praises! In what ways is good news-such as being healed-too good to keep to one’s self?

v. 5 + 11 Offer 3 beautiful ‘gems’ of scripture:
+God’s anger is but for a moment, God’s favor is for a lifetime!
+Sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes with the morning!
+You have turned my mourning into dancing!
Which of these verses will you claim and commit to memory?

v. 6-7 Describe how the person felt secure, when s/he was doing well, as in “I thought I had it made!” A truth spoken this week in the face of the Senate’s Health Care debate is that “Good health doesn’t last forever!” It’s a blessing to be healthy. In reality all of us will face at least one health crisis! How do we live in trust of God, vs. overconfidence in our own strength? How do we show care for those who struggle with health issues (or even insurance issues?)

v. 12 The pray-er may have made a vow to God, like “God, if you make me well, I will praise you forever.” Now the person declares publicly “I WILL praise you God, forever!” That’s our duty and delight!

Read Psalm 150 for next week!