Sunday, May 7, 2023

Posted on May 05 2023
A CLOSER LOOK AT ROMANS 1:1-17 Bible Background: The letter to the Romans is Paul’s deepest writing, and he is especially concerned about the subjects of “how we are justified through faith in Christ Jesus” and “how God is faithful to God’s promises.”
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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Posted on Apr 27 2023
A Closer Look at Acts 13–14 Bible Background: This marks the beginning of Paul’s 1st Missionary Journey through Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). Antioch seems to have become the ‘headquarters’ of the early church. Barnabas and Paul are set aside by the Holy Spirit for
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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Posted on Apr 22 2023
Matthew 28:16-20 = Great Commission Bible Background: In Matthew, this is the only appearance of the risen Jesus to the group of disciples. It takes place on a ‘mountain’ (remember: close encounters with God often take place on mountaintops in scripture!), in Galilee. Matthew makes
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Easter Sunday – April 9, 2023

Posted on Apr 05 2023
Matthew 28 = Resurrection, Fear, and Joy! Bible Background: Each of the gospels tells of the resurrection, with varying details. All 4 agree on a) an empty tomb; b) that Mary Magdalene is the first person there (other women are included by Matt-Mark-Luke); c) that this takes place early in the
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