St. John’s “Busy Buddy” Team

St. John’s Busy Buddy Team – Walking the Talk
In early January, “We Are Church Together” surfaced at St. John’s as our main, overarching priority for living God’s Word & doing God’s Work in 2018:
 We are Church Together
 We are a Learning Church
 We are a Church for the Community
 We are a Church of Stewards
Growing as Church Together means growing in our ability to invite, welcome, and include one another. It means connecting the time, talents and resources of individuals and teams at St. John’s with the desires and needs of people within and beyond our church. It means strengthening our sense of purpose, belonging and connection with each other.
St. John’s Busy Buddy Team is being created to serve as a coordination and communication “hub” for helping us grow and serve as God’s CHURCH TOGETHER. Responsibilities of this team include:
• Creating a structure/routine for connecting the desires and needs of people within and beyond our church with the resources, talents and interests of teams and individuals within our church;
• Connecting St. John’s teams (committees) with each other to address common opportunities;
• Helping to coordinate all the great work of our teams and making that work – and the outcome of that work – more visible to St. John’s members and our neighbors through improved communications and technology.
Together we are St. John’s!
If serving on this team sounds like a good match for your interests, time and talents, please contact Pete Kutzora, George Liberatore, or Pastor Paul.

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