St. John’s Goes on Retreat in Fall 2019

Over the summer, St. John’s Council and Ministry Planning Team,
identified “Gifted and Grateful” as the worship and ministry theme
for the two-month period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.
This congregation-wide theme directly supports our ministry focus
this year of being “We are a Church of Stewards”.  A “Gifted and
” resource will be made available to everyone on
September 15 (along with other details) and will be our guide as
we take St. John’s on retreat to reflect on what it means to be 
good stewards. Pastor Paul will lead us during worship services
through the four themes – Attitudes of Scarcity vs Abundance;
Gifts of the Creator; Gifts of the Redeemer; and Gifts of the Spirit.  Existing small groups, teams, and committees will be asked to have conversations using the “Gifted and Grateful” resource.  We will
also have opportunities for ad-hoc groups to meet and have these “gift” conversations.  The hope is that as we take a closer look at God’s vision for our lives – Gifted and Grateful – we can develop a better sense of purpose, joy, and gratitude in our lives.

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