Ulong’a Parish Update

We received a nice update from the dear, retired Doctor at Ulong’a parish, that they have received the $2000 we were able to send them from Noisy Offerings, our abbreviated Lent offerings, and a special gift from a friend of St. John’s.

Dear Pastor Mittermaier,
We are pleased to send you greetings and love from Ulong’a Parish. At the same time we wish to inform you that we have received with great appreciation US Dollars $2020.27 and spend as follows.1. Support to parish services 2. Support to orphans 3. Fencing of parish premises.  It is necessary to inform you that the outbreak of Corona Virus has completely changed our lifestyle and service routine. For  example the attendance on Sunday Services is about 1/3 of the usual total attendance prior to the onset  of Covid 19, and the country economy like other world countries has equally been affected. However, we thank God that our country is calm and peaceful anticipating to hold its general election in October this year. We are aware that the United States is also preparing for election in November.  We have to pray for  these state functions  that we may witness God’s presence and  let peace and justice dominate .May God bless  Families of our partner friends and grant  them hope and peace. In Jesus’ Name,
Pastor Elineema Kyungai                                     
Dr Rishiael Nanyaro 
On behalf of Ulong’a Parish

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