Welcome to St. John's Lutheran Church!

God has blessed St. John’s since 1862 with faithful members, pastors, and newcomers. We’re a congregation of sinners and saints of all ages. Our worship blends traditional and contemporary, with opportunities for growth, fellowship, and service. We extend Christ’s welcome to all who seek to worship, know, and serve the Lord.

Sunday Worship: 8:00am and 9:45am
Saturday Worship: 5:00pm

Lenten Worship Begins Ash Wednesday, Febuary 26th.
Wednesdays 11 am & 7pm, Lunch at noon & dinner at 6

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Pastor's Message
Dear Partners in Ministry:

In 2017 we adopted four key themes to help answer the question of "What is God calling this congregation to be and do?" The four themes are: +We Are Church Together! (2018) +We Are a Church of Stewards! (2019) +We Are a Learning Church! (2020) +We Are a Church for the Community!

This year we're going to zero-in on being A Learning Church! Would you start imagining what you, as a child of God and worker in God's kingdom, would like to learn more about this year? More about faith subjects, like: Scripture? Prayer? My Spiritual Gifts? How Can God Use Me? Or more about life issues, like: Parenting Teens? Caring for Aging Parents? End-of-life Decisions? Or more about big issues, like: World Religions? Science and Faith? Immigration? The ELCA's teaching on Abortion?

Or, what’s something we need to learn more about? Sharing Faith? Crossing the Divide Between Races? Working Through Grief? Dealing with Doubts?

As a Learning Church, we start with the assumption that belonging to Christ makes us all life-long learners. We pair that with the belief that in the church young people can learn from seniors, and seniors can learn from young folk, and all of us have something to share!

So give that some thought and prayer, because for us to be A Learning Church, it helps if we all have an appetite for new knowledge; new insights; and new challenges. Tell us what you'd like to learn, or what you could offer to teach!

Still discovering how much there is to learn,

-Pastor Paul


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Posted on Jan 15 2020
PARABLES OF THE SOWER Bible Background: In Matthew 13, Jesus is teaching in parables. A parable takes something from daily life and can make an ‘obvious’ point, or reveal a ‘hidden’ point. Parables often turn things ‘upside down.’ Parables are sometimes clear
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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Posted on Jan 09 2020
Why Plan Your Giving? Today, we’re blessed to have Cindy Halverson with us. She’s our ELCA Director of Planned Giving for Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. (Some of you recall meeting Pastor Larry Westfield, who served in that capacity for a number of years.) What does a Director of
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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Posted on Jan 04 2020
Luke 2:41-52 Jesus at Twelve Bible Background: This is our favorite story of Jesus as a kid-because it’s the only story we have! We meet a precocious 12 year old, who is showing his independence and worrying his parents. He’s also amazing the group of teachers at the Temple. Digging
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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Posted on Dec 27 2019
SIMEON, ANNA, AND BABY JESUS Bible Background: Luke 1 & 2 are full of interesting, faithful ‘couples’, who become part of God’s amazing promises. Each of these larger scenes, contains a song/psalm of praise to God. Each of these songs has long been part of the liturgy of
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