Sunday, February 4, 2024

Posted on Feb 04 2024
MARK 6 REJECTION + SENDING + DEATH OF JOHN Bible Background: In Mark, Jesus’ popular appeal hits a roadblock. People in his home town can’t believe he’s a prophet. They can’t grasp the change and challenge and opportunity Jesus brings. Mark (who is usually brief on
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Sunday, December 17

Posted on Dec 14 2023
Luke 1 = Zechariah and Baby John! Bible Background: Luke’s gospel carefully sets the stage for Jesus’ birth. John the Baptist’s birth is foretold, and then Elizabeth conceives. Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel, and then she conceives. John is born and his father tells in a
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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Posted on Oct 28 2023
1 Kings 12 = The Kingdom Divided Bible Background: After King Solomon dies, his son Rehoboam takes charge. He acts badly, ruling with an iron fist. God had said he would “tear the kingdom” from Solomon’s son, and now the kingdom is torn in two. Israel (Northern Kingdom)
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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Posted on Oct 20 2023
KING DAVID – 2 SAMUEL 5–6 Bible Background: David is a central figure in the story of Israel. If Moses was somewhat the ‘founder’ of the nation, David was seen as its ‘savior’. David (great-grandson of Ruth & Boaz) was a shepherd boy, who loved music and
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