Sunday, April 11, 2021

Posted on Apr 09 2021
LUKE 24:13f=THE WALK TO EMMAUS Bible Background: Luke alone records this story of the 1st Easter afternoon. Emmaus is about 7 miles from Jerusalem. Two followers of Jesus (two men? a couple?) are getting out of town after an awful weekend of Roman crucifixions. It appears that the powers of
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Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021

Posted on Mar 26 2021
PASSION OF OUR LORD ACCORDING TO LUKE 1. As you know, the stories of Jesus arrest, trial, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection are told a bit differently in each of the 4 gospels. Of the 4, Luke approaches this as an historian, trying to write an orderly, believable account, so that our faith
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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Posted on Mar 13 2021
LUKE 16 – SOME WARNINGS TO THE RICH Bible Background: Luke sees wealth as a ‘spiritual barometer’. How you got it, what you do with it, means everything. Jesus warns “You cannot serve God and wealth.” The Pharisees are accused (perhaps wrongly) of being
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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Posted on Feb 26 2021
LUKE 13 TIME TO REPENT Bible Background: We’ve skipped over chaps. 11-12, where Jesus teaches about persistence in prayer; tangles with the scribes and pharisees; casts out demons; points out the Rich Fool; and teaches how to not worry. Keep in mind, that his ‘face is set towards
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