Welcome to St. John's Lutheran Church!

God has blessed St. John’s since 1862 with faithful members, pastors, and newcomers. We’re a congregation of sinners and saints of all ages. Our worship blends traditional and contemporary, with opportunities for growth, fellowship, and service. We extend Christ’s welcome to all who seek to worship, know, and serve the Lord.

Our 9:45 service is in person, with masks required and social distancing.  We will also have it on Facebook Live!



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Covenant of Care

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Pastor's Message
Dear Friends in Christ:

It has been just about a year since the pandemic hit home; our routines and plans were upset; and our shared vulnerabilities were exposed. There have been many losses, especially in terms of lives, opportunities, jobs, connections, peace of mind. And there have been some gains: more time at home; new ways of doing worship and work and being connected; and maybe a new appreciation for 'essential workers', for science and for vaccines.

Did any of us think it would last this long? Haven't we all hoped things might just "get back to normal?"

Have we pondered how God might be working in the midst of all this uncertainty and suffering?

With the whole human family, we've been in something of a "wilderness" experience. (There are plenty of those moments for the people in the Bible!) "Wilderness" is where and when things aren't fully under our control. It's when and where we discover our dependence on God and on one another. It's when and where we have to find new ways to move forward. It's when and where we have to let go of the past, and yet we can't fully take hold of the future.

For our Lent theme this year, we're going to focus on "The Wilderness". We'll face our disappointments, our losses, our doubts, our questions, our fears, our loneliness. And we'll see how God provides, accompanies, sustains, strengthens, and guides us through the experiences of life in this topsy turvy world.

February 17 is Ash Wednesday. We plan to have a small 11 AM and 7 PM in-person service. We'll also do Facebook Live. And we'll invite you from 5:00 to 6:30 to the parking lot for Drive-up Ashes; maybe a Campfire; and a chance to pick up Lent-At-Home kits. (Watch for details).

Here's a request: I'm looking for 40 of you to share a simple devotion (one for each day of Lent), preferably a few thoughts and maybe a prayer, on one of your "wilderness experiences" in your life; and how God saw you through it; and even what you learned from it. These can be 'anonymous' or with your name attached. The struggles you have endured are real and important and can encourage someone else. It can be anything: depression, rejection, job-loss, infertility, cancer, addiction, grief, failure, shame, Covid, illness/incapacity, divorce, a loved one's dementia or mental health issue, a humbling experience, a frightening experience. Any of these and more mean you are someone who has survived a wilderness time of testing. That makes you qualified also to speak of doubts, of faith, of learnings, and of grace. Shoot me an email if you'd dare to write or share a bit of that in a devotional way. I'll share more ideas on what our Lent theme will touch on!

Count on God's presence as we continue to find our way through this pandemic, and as we begin the journey of Lent!

Pastor Paul

Sunday, February 28, 2021

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

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Sunday, February 7, 2021

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

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