A New Year is a Gift!

And a good time to imagine what we might do with it-and what God might do with us!

What can you imagine trying for your own journey of faith in 2023?

            +Is there some study you’d like to try? Or some life-issue we could address together?

            +Is there some area of service you could picture helping with? As simple as a reader, usher, greeter, lead-singer, or communion assistant? Or a bit more involved, like Sunday School leader?   Someone who can offer rides to appointments? Someone who can grocery shop for a senior?   Someone who would be one of our “prayer partners”? Choir or Bell Choir participant?  

+Would you welcome some sort of spiritual retreat opportunity?

            +Have you ever felt that God is calling you into some sort of ministry?

And what can you imagine us doing together as a church in 2023?

            +Do you have an idea for something new we could offer as a church?

            +Would you welcome the idea of a “servant trip” near or far, to help someone rebuild or recover from a disaster? Could we get more involved with Interfaith Caregivers?

            +What if we watched together and discussed an episode of “The Chosen” series on the life of Christ?

            +Want to start a Men’s Group? Women’s study? Couples’ group?

Share some hopes and ideas, please. And always it’s good to ponder the question: “Where might God be leading me/us?” Or, “How might God be blessing me/us and using me/us in this New Year?”

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