Lutheran World Relief Quilts & Kits

Thank you to everyone who donated in some way to provide 63 quilts and 55 personal care kits to adults and children in need.  We deliver our kits and quilts to First United Lutheran Churches semi-trailer in Sheboygan.  They are shipping a total of 2071 quilts, 969 personal care kits, 1401 school kits, 281 baby care kits, and 17 fabric kits.

Often, when natural disasters strike or war drives families from their homes, our hearts ache with compassion but we don’t know how to help. Making Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilts and personal care kits is a tangible way to express love to our neighbors in need. LWR Quilts & Kits convey a priceless message of love and commitment to people in desperate need. Many will remember your kindness.

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