Mission Endowment Fund

Did you know our Mission Endowment Fund receives special gifts (from wills, estates, planned giving, stocks, mutual funds, and more) for extra mission in and beyond St. John’s?

Our Mission Endowment Committee voted to disburse some funds this fall from earnings, in accordance with our bylaws:

Here are the basics: $450 to pay down the principal on our Building Loan.

$600 for the clinics Dr. Steve Friberg-missionary in Tanzania oversees-for an oxygen concentrator. Plus, one of our couples has donated another $600 for a 2nd oxygen concentrator. The six small clinics each need one!

$750 towards tuition for a Physician Assistant student in Tanzania.

$450 for Wartburg Seminary’s Community Food Pantry (which will help foreign students who do not have work permits, and the community the seminary serves.)

Thank you for remembering St. John’s in your will, and in your estate planning!

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