Sunday, July 16th

Posted on Jul 14 2023

2 Peter 3 = God’s Timing!
Bible Background: The last chapter of this short letter seeks to reinforce the beliefs and lives of the Christian community; warn false teachers of judgement; and look forward to the return of Christ as Lord of all creation!

Digging Deeper: 1. Chapter 3 returns to the subject of the Parousia (the 2nd coming of Christ), and invites believers to hold firm to that promise, and puts a very grace-filled “spin” on the apparent delay: God is not slow! God is patient, and that is allowing time for more and more people to turn to Christ!

2. The writer uses some apocalyptic imagery (similar to Revelation and Daniel). Twice he writes about the heavens passing away, and the elements of the earth being destroyed with fire. He doesn’t say this to scare people, but to assure people there will be a day of the Lord’s coming, and it will change everything.

3. Also, like Revelation, these words point to a “new heavens and a new earth-where righteousness is at home!” How’s that for a picture of paradise, if you will? Where the righteousness/rightness of God, in Jesus, is in every place, and in every relationship?

4. “What sort of persons ought we be, while leading lives of godliness and holiness?” Great question! Isn’t that an essential question for each day?

5. In the last paragraph, our writer references Paul and his letters, while acknowledging that “some of this is hard to understand!” But you-“grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” To Him be the glory forever!