Sunday, June 11, 2023

Posted on Jun 09 2023

Isaiah 9=A Righteous Ruler, A Wonderful Counselor!
Bible Background: The Book of Isaiah is a big, beautiful book of judgement/struggle, prophecy/poetry written covering approximately 250 years of Jewish history. Chapter 9 is one of our Christmas Eve readings, because of how it celebrates “for a child has been born for us!”

Digging Deeper: 1. This is in the form of a prophecy, delivered through the prophet, that stands in stark contrast to the gloom and doom of chapter 8-where the coming Assyrian invasion will leave only gloom and doom and darkness.

2. In contrast, a radical transformation is forecast! The darkness will be driven out by light! The gloom and anguish will give way to joy and exultation. Oppression and war will be replaced by freedom and peace. While Christians have read this passage as pointing to Christ, in it’s original context it likely was pointing to King Hezekiah, who was a reformer, and a faithful king.

3.. Notice in this passage what a good and faithful ruler should both embody and bring about: The authority of God rests on them; endless peace comes through them; justice and righteousness are the keystones of such a reign. (And they won’t do this all by themselves….God will do this!) Good things to keep in mind as we are plunging into the next presidential campaign ‘season’ in this land!