St. John’s Question/Suggestion Box

Thank you for submitting your questions and comments! Questions and comments are posted near the suggestion box at the Welcome and Information Desk. Here are a couple of questions that have been addressed.
Can we get reflectors on the posts at the driveway entrance? The Property Committee painted the posts with reflective paint. If that doesn’t reflect enough, they will look into reflective tape.
Can next week’s reading be put in the bulletin? Next week’s reading is now listed on the bulletin back.
Can we have an electronic version of the suggestion box? The Tech Team will change the “contact us” button on the website to “We’d like to hear from you!” You can submit your questions or comments there. Note that the suggestions/questions will not be anonymous if submitted on the website.

Our Ministry Planning Team has put a Question/Suggestion Box on the resource desk in the Gathering space. You’re welcome to ask any question or offer any suggestion, and we’ll refer it to the ones who are best equipped to respond. If you include your name, that helps us get back to you-especially to learn more about your particular question or suggestion!
Here’s a couple we received, that our Worship Committee is responding to:
+Could we hold an occasional service in the ‘old’ sanctuary (now our Gathering space?) In theory, we could-but it would have to be a small group service. In practice, we don’t really have a sound system or piano in that space (and the organ in the balcony hasn’t been played in 15 years), so that would be a bit of a challenge.
+Could the Choir robe and process or sing the Doxology on occasion? We’ll let the Choir ponder that one! At the close of 8:00 worship, the doxology might work. By the close of 9:45 worship, the Choir has usually dispersed (having been at the early service.)

We received a suggestion that we “not have Bible study/discussion after the sermon in the service”. Jess Eisenhauer from our Worship Committee responds:
As an introvert myself, I am often uncomfortable speaking in front of others. When Pastor Paul would come out from behind the pulpit to encourage participation from the congregation, I used to cringe inside because it can be uncomfortable to speak when we are used to listening. However, I have come to enjoy these times of interaction because we can learn from them, and might be able to relate to something someone shares. These conversations may push some of us outside of our normal comfort zone, but I think it is important that we hear and learn from each other, as well as from Pastor. We are a church family with a diverse background of faith stories and each person’s story and perspective matters.
And a brief response from Pastor Paul: It would help to know more about this request…is this a ‘time’ concern? Is it hard to hear when others speak? Or does this seem to impact our worship of God in a negative way? Or_____? I welcome conversations on how we can make worship count for members, newcomers, children, and guests!

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