The Giving Tree – Thanks you!!

Thank you for sharing your blessings through the giving tree!givingtree2

Through the giving tree, we blessed 18 children with a special gift and a book. These children are part of LSS’s Birth-to-Three program for children with special needs. We received the names of children in the program and their siblings. In addition, we “gifted” the program with many presents, large and small. These gifts will be given to the children throughout the year to celebrate birthdays and to support them during challenging times (e.g., a stuffed animal when they are undergoing a difficult procedure or a new toy when they are spending time in the hospital). These gifts will be a blessing to the children and their financially-strapped parents. They included:

9 stuffed animals and dolls, 31 books and 10 coloring books, 2 sets of pretty dress-up clothes, 5 articles of regular clothes, 13 baby toys like rattles, teethers, and blocks, 8 puzzles, 2 balls, 18 board games, building toys, art sets, and construction toys like Play-Doh, 6 stocking-stuffer sized toys and a whole lot of love!

The Ruth Circle thanks you for sharing your blessings!